Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NOW! Go 'Directory' to spyc-- we mapped; 'Google' marked; We now have our own page in the 'Book'.

Have you ever just taken a little time to look us (SPYC) up 0n one of the many maps provided here on the Internet? Or even just leisurely browse for no apparent reason, just to go for a little "arm-chair traveling"; maybe curious about what the 'mapsite' had to offer; or just thought it would be fun to see what some places look like from a bird's eye view? All of this would be just fine if all the FACTS were in order! What started out as possibly casual, curious, light-hearted browsing, because you wanted to see what the roof of your house looked like, or if you could spot your boat in the midst of all those others that seem to all look alike from that angle, (save for the obvious difference between power and sail), but now you're not only lost and confused, you are quite possibly frustrated, because you knew damn well where that place was that you were looking up ...... WHATEVER it was ..... but somehow, somewhere, you & everything else just "got lost in the translation"!

Every time invitations by email are sent out for one of our Club events, a "Google map", detailing location/directions/surroundings, (you name it!), is available and set up accordingly from all the details on the invitation. I thought that was pretty 'Cool'; especially since it was something that I hadn't even considered, and here "Google" was looking out for some of us who were new to this Internet thing and still "didn't know our way around"! I thought, "What a great way to start out; a nice introduction into a pretty complex world I knew NOTHING about, having 'someone' like 'Google' there to walk you through & cover your back!" . . . . . .

Now, I've heard all the cliche's about ignorance being bliss, and isn't ALL faith basically blind? You know... you just sort-of "believe" what THEY tell you to be true, and 'hope' for the best...right? And of course, WHY should I even think of questioning the likes of "Google", or anyone, for that matter, about something I know NOTHING about, in a world that I've ONLY just stepped into quite recently!? That's where the TRUST comes in . . . . .

I can only hope that some unsuspecting "browser" who has NEVER been to SPYC, didn't become curious enough to find out where we were located; didn't TRY to check out what is (WAS) 'listed' in their 'maps', 'guides' & 'directions'; and then attempt (or so they thought) to find the "San Pedro Yacht Club" by following THEIR directions! *(Hopefully they never left their arm-chair!)

I used to get somewhat irritated always finding myself in "San Pedro", having to wind my way up and over the "Vincent Thomas Bridge", once again, occasionally getting 'terminally' lost on that sad stretch of land they call 'an Island'!(?) . . . . BUT about the fourth or fifth time that I ended up in Madrid, Spain...I decided I needed to do something about this! The results begin (and only temporarily end), with the map below: (Look! There we are!! And it is also a useable tool!!!! Enjoy your travels!)

View Larger Map

*2/17/08 -- The rest of this tale is actually in the "Google Internet Maps Directory" where there is a whole page about us, pictures & all. It hadn't been published at the posting time of the earlier part of this article; but SHOULD be all set now. I guess there is ONLY one way to find out.... Map
*(Sorry, the next time you feel the need to go to Madrid, you're on your own! ENJOY!)


Monday, January 28, 2008

introduced, installed, involved, & incredibly incapacitated, or just simply insane! . . . . imagine that!! . . .

**(Continuing Highlights-of-the-Month: "It's all One Big Blur" --Submitted by "perpetual motion")

What can I say? It was bound too happen. Leave me alone with the computer and . . well . . things just jump out of nowhere! Sometimes everywhere!! Really!!!

This is an introduction, a , if you will, to let you know there's more than just FRONT PAGE news! NOW, there's the SECOND PAGE, with details and information; not the timely things you need to know about an event in the making, but the basics: lists, stats, charts, polls, all the added information to help highlight and fill in any blanks you may have in your files--can't have any blank spaces!! Basically, Your Information's Page; and I do mean YOU! With all your details, lists, important dates, times, numbers, and general information that we all may need to know at one time or another, but aren't exactly sure where we've put them, or how to find them; least of all finding anything together or all in one (1) place.... (Can that be done??)

An interactions, participation page, (Yes, that would be "The Third Page") is being 'set-up' for our members (and possibly those with an interest in finding out more about us--our 'members-to-be') with a definite "It's All About You" design, where you can jump right in and become a part of what is said right here.... OK,.... well ...... NOT RIGHT HERE .... this is still "The Second Page" ..... yours is "The Third Page" and is still on the drawing board---BUT if it just cannot wait, and you have something you want to say right now, go right ahead, CLICK ON: "Comments From the Peanut Gallery"
at the end of this posting! There are always available avenues for feedback! If there is anything of interest that you would like to share; something you would like to know more about, get more details on, or would like compiled or listed here, just speak up, let us know! We'll do whatever we can.
Although still in the very early stages, with alot of trial & error going on and not too much down in writing as of yet, it is already showing promise, as things seem to move along very quickly these days and they just whisk me up right along with them! We may have that next page up & going before we know it! How many is that now?? Tornado

**You Didn't Think We Were Going To Stop At Only the Second Page, Did You??